Sahodaya school complex, Saurashtra


Sahodaya school complex Saurashtra CBSE schools coming together to work for their common educational goals. Sahodaya School Complex came in to existence when member school principals of Saurashtra Region sat together at Nand Vidya Niketan-Essar School, Jamnagar and realized that there is an urgent need of a group of schools where they can help each other in their curriculum planning, delivery of instructional material, evaluation and professional development of their students and teachers.

To meet the above objectives and to realize their common educational and institutional goals the association of schools was established and named as Sahodaya School Complex Saurashtra.


The Vision of SSC Saurashtra is to grow together through the realization of common academic, social and co-scholastic goals. And to create a co-operative decision based learning environment leading to the professional, moral and social development of all the stakeholders.


For educators :

To enhance their leadership, decision making and best practices sharing skills.

For learners:

To provide the learners a safe and secure environment for learning. Also giving them opportunity to learn and share with the students of other schools.

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Mrs. Usha Mani
Mrs. Usha C K Mani is the Patron of the Sahodaya Saurashtra.
Mr. R S Pandey
Mr. R S Pandey is the President of Sahodaya Saurashtra.
Mr. Manoj Dubey
Mr. Manoj Dubey is Vice-President of Sahodaya Saurashtra.
Mr. Michael Sebastian
Mr. Michael Sebastian is Secretary of Sahodaya Saurashtra.
Mrs. Neepa Reji
Mrs. Neepa Reji is Joint-Secretary of Sahodaya Saurashtra.